Head,Aloha,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Waikiki,$45,Diamond,Surfing,-,-,-,tedxyouthvjg.com,Hawaii,-,/Luxemburger1257034.html,Honolulu,,Oahu $45 Aloha Waikiki - Surfing - Diamond Head - Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii Home Kitchen Wall Art Discount mail order Aloha Waikiki - Surfing Diamond Hawaii Oahu Honolulu Head $45 Aloha Waikiki - Surfing - Diamond Head - Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii Home Kitchen Wall Art Discount mail order Aloha Waikiki - Surfing Diamond Hawaii Oahu Honolulu Head Head,Aloha,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Waikiki,$45,Diamond,Surfing,-,-,-,tedxyouthvjg.com,Hawaii,-,/Luxemburger1257034.html,Honolulu,,Oahu

Discount mail order Aloha Waikiki - Surfing Diamond Hawaii Oahu Honolulu Courier shipping free shipping Head

Aloha Waikiki - Surfing - Diamond Head - Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii


Aloha Waikiki - Surfing - Diamond Head - Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii

Product description

Size:18 x 24 in Unryu Rice Paper Print

Pacifica Island Art uses an environmentally-friendly Unryu Japanese rice paper made by the Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan. Unryu, which translates to 'cloud dragon paper' in Japanese, features long strands of kozo fiber and is made from natural mulberry and hemp fibers using traditional Japanese Washi techniques - ABOUT THE ARTIST - For over 30 years, award-winning artist Kerne Erickson’s retro-style travel posters have been taking viewers ‘on location’ to popular destinations around the globe. Inspired by vintage vacation photos, brochures and other graphics, his depictions are painstakingly researched and meticulously depicted for historical accuracy as well as irresistible nostalgia. At a time when sterile, computer-generated art has become popular, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Kerne who can work his way from a well composed pencil drawing, through transparent layers of under painting, building depth and tonality until finally adding the finishing touches that bring the work into focus. His work is a perfect blend of traditional technique and modern painting mediums. Erickson, a graduate of Los Angeles Art Center College, worked for years as a freelance graphic artist on client commissions which served to develop his distinctive style. He is now a freelance artist working at his home in Orange County, California where he lives with his family.

Aloha Waikiki - Surfing - Diamond Head - Oahu - Honolulu, Hawaii

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We make a global impact through excellence in research and innovation. Explore our latest research that is helping to shape a better world.

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Queen's is ranked 43 in the world

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

In the UK for research intensity

REF 2014 / Times Higher Education