AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Save money Shelves Unit Wire Metal 9 DIY Mes $29 AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Shelves Unit 9 Cube DIY Metal Wire Mes Home Kitchen Storage Organization AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Save money Shelves Unit Wire Metal 9 DIY Mes Mes,Storage,AnaleyHosho,$29,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/Luxemburger884634.html,9,Metal,DIY,Unit,Cube,,Wire,Shelves,Cube Mes,Storage,AnaleyHosho,$29,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/Luxemburger884634.html,9,Metal,DIY,Unit,Cube,,Wire,Shelves,Cube $29 AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Shelves Unit 9 Cube DIY Metal Wire Mes Home Kitchen Storage Organization

AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Save money Shelves Unit Wire Metal Max 51% OFF 9 DIY Mes

AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Shelves Unit 9 Cube DIY Metal Wire Mes


AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Shelves Unit 9 Cube DIY Metal Wire Mes

Product description

Color:Black, 9 Cubes

Ansleyamp;HosHo Cube Storage Rack DIY Wire Grid Storage Organize Shelving Unit Cabinet Cube Modular Storage Display Book Shelves for Books Files Shoes Toys Tools Hallway Living Room Bedroom Kids Room Home Office Easy Assembly

Colour: Black/White
Unit Dimensions: 43.5*14.6*43.5 inches (W*D*H)
Each Cube Dimensions: 14.5*14.5*14.5 inches
Loading Capacity per Cube: 10LB
Material: PP Plastic + Metal

DIY Wire Grid Storage Cubes Unit
Practical Home Storage Organize Unit
Bedroom Clothes Organizer
Kids Room Toy Organizer
Living Room Home Office Bookcase Bookshelf File Shelf
Solid Metal Frame
Easy to put together

AnaleyHosho Cube Storage Shelves Unit 9 Cube DIY Metal Wire Mes

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