Velvet Midi National products Dress Retro 90s Wrap Split Pleated Evening Gown $28 Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $28 Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Gown,/archflatterer884296.html,Dress,Retro,Midi,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,90s,Split,Wrap,Pleated,Velvet,$28,Evening, Gown,/archflatterer884296.html,Dress,Retro,Midi,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,90s,Split,Wrap,Pleated,Velvet,$28,Evening, Velvet Midi National products Dress Retro 90s Wrap Split Pleated Evening Gown

Velvet Midi National products Dress Retro 90s Wrap Split Pleated Evening Excellence Gown

Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown


Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown

Product description

Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown
Color: 3 colors for choose.
Size: 4 size for choose.
XS: Bust=31.5"/80cm; Waist=27.5"/68cm; Shoulder=14"/36cm; Sleeve=22.4"/57cm; Length=42.1"/107cm
S: Bust=33"/84cm; Waist=28"/72cm; Shoulder=14.5"/37cm; Sleeve=22.8"/58cm; Length=42.5"/108cm
M: Bust=34.5"/88cm; Waist=30"/76cm; Shoulder=15"/38cm; Sleeve=23.2"/59cm; Length=42.9"/109cm
L: Bust=36"/92cm; Waist=31.5"/80cm; Shoulder=15.4"/39cm; Sleeve=23.6"/60cm; Length=43.3"/110cm

Features: Velvet Long Sleeve Midi Wrap dress for women. Velvet Ruched Bodycon Midi Dress. Unique design with pleat on the abdomen, can hide your little belly. Properly hips tailoring design can cover your fat buttocks masterly. Let you slim sexy and plump! Retro 90s split style elegant dress matches with mini retro handbag, make you eye-catching in the crowd! Many pretty clutches recommended in the description. Soft and comfortable touch feeling, great care to your skin.

There maybe with a different color because of the different display. Based on actual product colors. Please allow 0.5 inch differences due to manual measurements.
Please keep contact with us, we will always give you our best service. Thank you!

Velvet Midi Dress Retro 90s Wrap Pleated Split Evening Gown

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