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Aztec Geometric Placemats for Dining Southwest Colorful Table Super sale period limited Et half

Aztec Geometric Placemats for Dining Table Colorful Southwest Et


Aztec Geometric Placemats for Dining Table Colorful Southwest Et

Product description

Color:Style of Aztecz

Aztec Geometric HD Print Pattern Placemats.

Detail and Advantage:
☕Meterial: 70% PVC+30% Polyester
☕Size:18x12 inches
☕Package Included: 6 Piece of Placemat.
☕Washable: Easy to clean. Stains just wash off and it dries very quickly.

Simple and elegant design:
1.Aztec Geometric placemats is so exotic and ethnic!There are various geometric striped texture and bohemian texture on this brown placemats.This is the style of Aztec geometric placemtas.When you use this vintage bohemian placemats, you just like enter a exotic tribal,so funny.
2.Aztec Geometric Natural color and perfect texture.Exquisitely designed high-quality placemats, very elegant appearance, adding more to your kitchen table So much fun.
3.Environmental protection material, can be washed directly, not scattered side, do not fade.Give you 5 stars Restaurant Luxury enjoyment
4.Durable,free bending,free cutting, pull force non-deformation.Non-slip process, fine striped weaving, non-slip on table.

Care Instructions:
1. Cleaned with water and dry under the shade.
2.HD Print ,pattern of Aztec Geometric no will fade,can be washed repeatedly.
3.Easy clean with wet cloth, or rinse with little cleaner would make them look as new.
4.When you meet Crease Problem, please soak it into warm water and take it out, and put some heavy thing on it, then the Crease will disappear.
5.These placemats are weaved out of PVC fiber, so they are NOT water tight and NOT totally spill proof mat.
6.Heat resistant and durable: Highest heat-resisting temperature can amount to 176°F that is 80℃.

You Can use:
-You can match with wood table, glass table, wooden farmhouse table.
-Suitable for barbecues, in coffee machines, terraces, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, outdoor gatherings and casual kitchen decorations, the perfect accessories on the dining table.

Aztec Geometric Placemats for Dining Table Colorful Southwest Et

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