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TECREW Ranking TOP8 Womens Chunky Turtleneck Oversize Batwing Sweaters Sleeve Surprise price

TECREW Womens Chunky Turtleneck Sweaters Batwing Sleeve Oversize


TECREW Womens Chunky Turtleneck Sweaters Batwing Sleeve Oversize

Product Description

TECREW Womens Turtleneck Chunky Batwing Sleeve Sweaters Oversized Knitted Pullover Jumper

turtleneck sweater


-Hip Length

-Loose Fit Style

-Warm Turtleneck

-Dropped Shoulders

-Unique Batwing Long Sleeves

-Thick Ribbed Collar and Hem

-Baggy and Oversized Cutting

-Casual Solid Color / Color Block / Leopard Fashion

Womens New Street Trend!



Suitable for the autumn and winter, perfect wear match with skirts, jeans, casual pants, boots and so on.

The pullover knit jumper top can keep you warm and the casual stylish and unique design make you looks special in the crowd.


Material:100% Acrylic, chunky knit pullover sweater ,warm to wear!

Loose and slouchy style but no baggy, you will deserve all in color!

More colors available!


Customer love:

  • It’s the perfect cozy and chunky sweater for the Fall and Winter.
  • It is so soft and so comfy! I need one in every color! It goes really well with jeans or leggings!
  • The color was exact! fit was great! I love it!
  • Absolute favorite sweater of the season! Highly recommended purchase!
  • It is super soft and cozy. Feels like a blanket. It fits a bit oversize, which is what I expected. Great purchase!

TECREW Womens Chunky Turtleneck Sweaters Batwing Sleeve Oversize

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