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UWBACK Girls Sandals trend rank Summer Princess Toddler shoes Pink Flat For Special Campaign

UWBACK Girls Sandals Summer Princess shoes For Toddler Flat Pink


UWBACK Girls Sandals Summer Princess shoes For Toddler Flat Pink

Product description

Upper Material:PU
Outsole Material:Rubber
Sandal Stype: Ankle-Wrap
Decorations: Applique,Artificial Peals
Heel Shape:Flat
NOTE: We have size information in the pictures.BEFORE YOU BUY OUR SHOES, PLEASE MEASURE
YOU BABY FEET.THANK YOU.If you baby feet have a little wide and a little fat,please chioce
big one yard.If you have some problem, please free contact us first.

Shoes inside Length(Insole Length=Foot Length+(0.5-1cm)):
US 9.5=CN 26=16.3cm, US 10=CN 27=16.8cm US 11=CN 28=17.5cm, US 11.5=CN 29=18.2cm
US 12.5=CN 30=18.9cm, US 13=CN 31=19.5cm, US 13.5=CN 32=20cm US 1=CN 33=20.7cm, US 2=CN 34=21.3cm, US 2.5=CN 35=21.9cm,US3.5=CN 36=22.5 cm,US3.5=CN 37=23.1 cm

UWBACK Girls Sandals Summer Princess shoes For Toddler Flat Pink

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