Hutch,Table,Computer,Sto,/clitellar1218949.html,$84,Desk,and,Writing,,Study,Home Kitchen , Furniture,47",,IRONCK,with IRONCK Computer Desk Regular discount 47" Writing Study and with Table Sto Hutch Hutch,Table,Computer,Sto,/clitellar1218949.html,$84,Desk,and,Writing,,Study,Home Kitchen , Furniture,47",,IRONCK,with $84 IRONCK Computer Desk 47", Writing Study Table with Hutch and Sto Home Kitchen Furniture $84 IRONCK Computer Desk 47", Writing Study Table with Hutch and Sto Home Kitchen Furniture IRONCK Computer Desk Regular discount 47" Writing Study and with Table Sto Hutch

IRONCK Computer Baltimore Mall Desk Regular discount 47

IRONCK Computer Desk 47", Writing Study Table with Hutch and Sto


IRONCK Computer Desk 47", Writing Study Table with Hutch and Sto

Product Description


IRONCK Desk amp; bookshelf two-in-one

A stunning combination of elegant design and practicality, this workspace will transform your home office or living room. With its light, open design, this desk provides ample space for storage with 3 open cubbies in the above and an open bookshelf below. Made from durable MDF board and a metal frame, this desk exudes industrial, urban style. The adjustable footpads, which make the desks keep stable even on the uneven floor.


desk Material: P2 MDF board, Metal frame
desk size: 47.2"L x 23.6"W x 54.3"H
Color: Vintage brown
load capacity: 500 lbs.
Weight: 64lbs
Package Contents Desk+ Accessory Kit+ Instruction
desk desk table desk desk desk
IRONCK Writing Desk IRONCK Simple Computer Desk IRONCK L Corner Desk IRONCK Computer Desk IRONCK Bed frame IRONCK Bed frame
color vintage brown vintage brown vintage brown vintage brown vintage brown vintage brown
material P2 MDF board and metal P2 MDF board and metal P2 MDF board and metal P2 MDF board and metal P2 MDF board and metal P2 MDF board and metal
feature with Adjustable Tiltable Tabletop simple L shaped with Storage Shelf 5 storage cabniet Sturdy and No noise Sturdy and No noise

IRONCK Computer Desk 47", Writing Study Table with Hutch and Sto

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