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LVYING sale Women's Water-Resistant Long Vest Zip Ultralight Full Las Vegas Mall Pac

LVYING Women's Water-Resistant Long Vest Full Zip Ultralight Pac


LVYING Women's Water-Resistant Long Vest Full Zip Ultralight Pac

Product description

Women's Sleeveless Duck Down Vest Portable Ultra Light Pink Khaki Casual Vests Winter Autumn Woman Waistcoat







Material: Acetate

Material: Polyester

Material: COTTON

Outerwear Type: Vest

Decoration: Zippers

Decoration: Pockets

Decoration: Button

Item Type: Outerwear amp; Coats

Collar: O-Neck

Pattern Type: Solid

Gender: Women

Closure Type: Covered Button

Clothing Length: REGULAR

Style: Casual

Warm Tip:

1.Order size (Asian size) usually is 1 ~ 2 size smaller than the Europe / US size. We suggest you to choose 2 bigger size than usual.

3.The ad is only Women Vest Jacket, not including other

LVYING Women's Water-Resistant Long Vest Full Zip Ultralight Pac

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