Steering,LSAILON,$31,Automotive , Replacement Parts,03-,Assembly,Power,For,575003E000,Pressure,/digladiator1218619.html,Hose, LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure 03- Columbus Mall Hose For Assembly $31 LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure Hose Assembly For 03- Automotive Replacement Parts LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure 03- Columbus Mall Hose For Assembly Steering,LSAILON,$31,Automotive , Replacement Parts,03-,Assembly,Power,For,575003E000,Pressure,/digladiator1218619.html,Hose, $31 LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure Hose Assembly For 03- Automotive Replacement Parts

LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering New color Pressure 03- Columbus Mall Hose For Assembly

LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure Hose Assembly For 03-


LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure Hose Assembly For 03-

Product description

Production Process: Synthetic Type
Material: Mixture/Rubber/Metal
Color: The Same as Picture
Warranty: 365 DAYS warranty from the day you purchased

Compatible models:
2003-2006 for Kia Sorento EX Sport Utility 4-Door
2003-2006 for Kia Sorento LX Sport Utility 4-Door

What You Get:
1 x Power Steering Pressure Hose as Pictured

LSAILON 575003E000 Power Steering Pressure Hose Assembly For 03-

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