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ccko Hooded Robes for Women Soft Fuzzy Spa Bathrobe for Womens P


ccko Hooded Robes for Women Soft Fuzzy Spa Bathrobe for Womens P

Product Description

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Womens Robe Soft Plush Warm Bathrobes

This hooded robes for women shawl coolar nightgowns are a combination of comfy and stylish. It comes with an adjustable self-tie waist belt for you to tighten your robe; and it features exquisite floral patterns all over the robe, very beautiful and attractive

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Perfect for occasions of Vacation, Spas, Balls, Prom, Honeymoon and everyday wear for lounging, bathing and taking a rest

Friendly Note:

  • Due to individual monitor settings and different batches of material, the color you see on your screen is might slightly different with the color of the product.
  • This size information is just for reference only. Please allow 2-3 cm differences due to handmade.
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Big and Tall Robes for Men Hooded Mens robe plush Mens bathrobe Plush Flag Mens Bathrobe Plaid Mens Robes Big Hooded Bathrobe for Men
Fabric Content 100% polyester- coral fleece 100% polyester- coral fleece 100% polyester- coral fleece 100% polyester- coral fleece 100% polyester- coral fleece 100% polyester- coral fleece
Additional Color Options Available
Style Shawl collar Hooded Shawl collar Hooded Shawl collar Hooded
Size Range M-4XL M-4XL S-3XL M-4XL S-3XL M-4XL
Quantity Per Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack 1 Pack

ccko Hooded Robes for Women Soft Fuzzy Spa Bathrobe for Womens P

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