$28 Wooden Watches for Men, Minimalist Mens Wood Watch 12/24H Natura Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Watches,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men,,Mens,tedxyouthvjg.com,Wood,Minimalist,Watch,for,12/24H,Wooden,/hippology1218714.html,Natura,$28 Watches,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Men,,Mens,tedxyouthvjg.com,Wood,Minimalist,Watch,for,12/24H,Wooden,/hippology1218714.html,Natura,$28 Wooden Watches for Men Minimalist Mens 24H Natura 12 Wood Direct sale of manufacturer Watch Wooden Watches for Men Minimalist Mens 24H Natura 12 Wood Direct sale of manufacturer Watch $28 Wooden Watches for Men, Minimalist Mens Wood Watch 12/24H Natura Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Wooden Watches for Men Minimalist Mens 24H Natura 12 Max 51% OFF Wood Direct sale of manufacturer Watch

Wooden Watches for Men, Minimalist Mens Wood Watch 12/24H Natura


Wooden Watches for Men, Minimalist Mens Wood Watch 12/24H Natura

Product description

?Welcome to Bulus-shifenmei shop. May you have a happy shopping experience here.?
√Our wood watches’ functions and cosmetic are 100% inspected before shipment to ensure the best quality.
√Our Customer Service Team is always committed to providing most prompt and effective response as soon as receiving your messages.

High-qualified Handmade Wood Watch for Men You Desire! The eye-catching mens wooden watches make a bold statement.
? A good conversation starter when sitting down with people.
? Super lightweight and comfortable to wear.
? An extremely different, meaningful and decent gift to your beloved ones.

Dial diameter: 41.5mm /1.63inch
Dial thickness: 8.8mm / 0.35inch
Band width: 20mm / 0.79inch
Product Weight: 50g / 1.76oz

1.There may be some spots on the wood case due to use of 100% natural wood, but it’s not a quality nor a cosmetic problem.
2.Not every watch color is exactly the same as wood are ordered in batches. Natural colors are slightly different from each other.
3.Try not to get wet or soak in the water in daily life. Too much water contact will shorten watch life.
4.Cleaning the stains by a soft cloth on regular bases is highly recommended to keep the color bright.
5.Please take off the plastic strap around the crown before using and setting watch.

Package Contents
1 * Minimalist Wood Watch
1 * Gift Box
1 * Instruction in English
1* Remove Link Tool

Wooden Watches for Men, Minimalist Mens Wood Watch 12/24H Natura


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Chocolicious! Delhi Capitals Celebrate Rishabh Pant's Birthday In Style

The Delhi Capitals players gave their young skipper Rishabh Pant the perfect birthday gift on Monday when they defeated Chennai Super Kings by 3 wickets and moved to the top of the IPL 2021 table. Pant, who turned 24 on October 4, celebrated his birthday with his teammates at the team hotel. (Video: Delhi Capitals)



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Exceller Books: A Global Press Is Striving For Equality In The Publishing Industry

This startup publishing house based in Kolkata is strengthening its foothold with each passing day in this massive world of publishing.

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