$62 Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel with Key Ring - Office Products Office School Supplies Bulk,tedxyouthvjg.com,Duty,Pack,Heavy,Badge,Ring,with,/hypodactylum1219095.html,$62,Retractable,-,-,Key,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Reel,25 Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Badge Baltimore Mall Key Reel Ring with Retractable $62 Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel with Key Ring - Office Products Office School Supplies Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Badge Baltimore Mall Key Reel Ring with Retractable Bulk,tedxyouthvjg.com,Duty,Pack,Heavy,Badge,Ring,with,/hypodactylum1219095.html,$62,Retractable,-,-,Key,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Reel,25

Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Badge Baltimore Mall Key Reel Ring with Retractable Max 70% OFF

Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel with Key Ring -


Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel with Key Ring -

Product description

Size:25 Pack

Based on one of our best selling badge holders of all time. The new SPID-3180 is an "All In One" solution that is understated but burly. All metal construction and a moderate to heavy retraction force make it ideal for those that want a long lasting retractor for their badge, keys and fob, without breaking the bank. Our bulk packs are ideal for the outfitting the whole team, and are perfect for those that work in any industry, just and want something solid and dependable.
While these are designed for long lasting use, they can also hold a small tool or flashlight up to 4 ounces. The strong retracting string and over 2 feet of reach makes these great for nursing and medical institutions to wear on the badge holder loops on your scrubs. The split ring and vinyl badge strap can support your hand sanitizer dispenser along with all of your badges, medical reference cards, badge buddies and proxy key cards, fobs, actual keys and all the rest!

Bulk 25 Pack - Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel with Key Ring -

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