$62 2 1/4 x 150 thermal paper rolls 100 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium Office Products Office School Supplies /indeterminableness1218957.html,Premium,100,2,Office Products , Office School Supplies,tedxyouthvjg.com,$62,|,|,rolls,Rolls,Pack,thermal,Value,paper,x,150,1/4 $62 2 1/4 x 150 thermal paper rolls 100 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium Office Products Office School Supplies 2 Ranking TOP16 1 4 x 150 thermal paper Value Pack Rolls Premium 100 rolls 2 Ranking TOP16 1 4 x 150 thermal paper Value Pack Rolls Premium 100 rolls /indeterminableness1218957.html,Premium,100,2,Office Products , Office School Supplies,tedxyouthvjg.com,$62,|,|,rolls,Rolls,Pack,thermal,Value,paper,x,150,1/4

2 Ranking TOP16 1 4 x 150 thermal paper Free shipping Value Pack Rolls Premium 100 rolls

2 1/4 x 150 thermal paper rolls 100 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium


2 1/4 x 150 thermal paper rolls 100 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium

Product Description

50 feet

2 1/4 x 50’ BPA Free Thermal Roll Paper, 1/2" Core, 50 Rolls/Case

Roll Width: 2 ¼ inches (58mm)

Roll Diameter: 1.47 inches (37mm)

Length: 50 feet (15m)

BPA Free (Contains No Bisphenol A)

Core Size: 1/2” (13mm) ID amp; 3/4" (19mm) OD

50 feet

2 1/4 x 50’ Thermal Roll Paper

70 feet

2 1/4 x 70' Thermal Roll Paper

85 feet

2 1/4 x 85’ Thermal Roll Paper


2 1/4 x 230’ Thermal Roll Paper

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Credit Card Rolls Credit Card Rolls Credit Card Rolls Credit Card Rolls Credit Card Rolls Credit Card Rolls

3 1/8" X 230' BPA-Free Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls, 7/16” Core, 50 Rolls/Case

Roll Width: 3 1/8 inches (80mm)

Roll Diameter: 2.85 inches (72mm)

Length: 230 feet (70m)

Core Size: 7/16” (11mm) ID amp; 7/8" (22mm) OD

The 3 1/8" x 230' thermal receipt paper roll is our #1 Seller and the most common thermal POS (point-of-sale) printer paper roll size. Thermal paper is made with a special heat-sensitive coating that allows for inkless printing. When heat (from a thermal paper printer) is applied to the coating, the result is a sharp black image without the need for ink or ribbons.


3 1/8" x 230' Thermal Roll Paper


Pre Printed 3 1/8" x 230' Thermal Roll Paper


3 1/8" x 119' Thermal Roll Paper


3 1/8" x 273' Thermal Roll Paper

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Kitchen Bond Printer Paper Rolls

1 Ply Kitchen Printer Paper

Roll Width: 3 inches (76mm),

Length: 150 feet (45.70m) / 165 feet (50.29 m),

Core Size: 7/16” (11mm) ID,

End of paper roll warning stripe.

This is the perfect paper for a point of sale receipt printer, kitchen printer or other impact printer at your restaurant, hotel, retail store - or any other business. The 3” 1-ply white bond receipt paper roll is our bond roll paper and the most common size paper roll used in impact printers. Don't settle for less our paper is lint-free, resulting in fewer paper jams. Expect super fast delivery from one of our warehouses across the country that stock this item.

Kitchen Bond Printer Paper Rolls

1 Ply Kitchen Printer Paper

Kitchen Paper

2 Ply Kitchen Printer Paper

3 Ply Kitchen Printer Paper

3 Ply Kitchen Printer Paper


Adding Machine Rolls

sdf 31165 3290 3365 Adding Machine
Kitchen Printer Paper Kitchen Printer Paper Kitchen Printer Paper Kitchen Printer Paper Adding Machine

2 1/4 x 150 thermal paper rolls 100 Rolls | Value Pack | Premium

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