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Inflatable Attention brand Wine Bottle Protector 96 Count Travel Luxury goods Pack 9x9in for

Inflatable Wine Bottle Protector 96 Count 9x9in for Travel, Pack


Inflatable Wine Bottle Protector 96 Count 9x9in for Travel, Pack

Product description


At Lavinia Essentials, we develop inspired products for travel and shipping based on our own experience as world travelers. When we see a problem, we take an analytical approach to solve it. That’s exactly how we came upon our Inflatable Wine Bottle Protector for Travel, Packaging, and Shipping.

We hope our experience makes it easier for you to collect and carry wine and spirits while traveling, or to send some back to friends, family, or valued customers. It is our mission to create innovative solutions for travel and shipping.

4 ❤ ❤ ❤ ? ? ? ? Double-sized Wine Bottle Protectors (9x15in) - Holds 1 bottle (3in diameter x 11in tall)

Extra Thick (80 Micron) High-quality PE/PA

Generous 96-Count pack

Full coverage, including fragile bottlenecks

Individual air cells - If one punctures the rest will not deflate

Pump Included


Ideal bottle protector for travel, shipping, warehousing, e-commerce, and express delivery companies

Easy to use - 10 seconds to inflate



1. Find the opening of the airbag, indicated by the green arrow.

2. Push the tip of the inflator into the opening with no air leakage and fill.

3. Remove the inflator when the bag is full. (Bag seals itself automatically).


96 - Double-sized Wine Bottle Protectors

1 - Manual Pump

Click ADD TO CART for your safest wine shipping solution!

Inflatable Wine Bottle Protector 96 Count 9x9in for Travel, Pack

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