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INLIFE Spa Surround Poly Rattan Patio Garden Massa Black Columbus Mall San Diego Mall Outdoor

INLIFE Spa Surround Poly Rattan Black Garden Outdoor Patio Massa


INLIFE Spa Surround Poly Rattan Black Garden Outdoor Patio Massa

Product description


This stylish poly rattan hot tub surround is a versatile accessory for your spa. It gives the spa a chic and modern look, while creating a more functional and user-friendly spa area.

Featuring built-in storage area and a cutout section for a power pack, the spa surround keeps all the essentials organized and within arm's reach. The robust steel frame and weatherproof eucalyptus tropical hardwood can withstand heavy traffic and is highly durable.

You are sure to value the convenience, durability and the wicker styling of this tub surround!

Note: 1) Please cover the hot tub surround during rain, snow and frost for its best service to last. Note: 2) This item will be shipped flat packed. Assembly is required; all tools, hardware and instructions are included.

  • Material: PE rattan
  • Frame: Powder-coated steel + eucalyptus tropical hardwood
  • Outer diameter: 111.4"
  • Inner diameter: 79.9"
  • Height: 9.8"-21.7"
  • Suitable for power pack diameter: 16.5" (not included)

INLIFE Spa Surround Poly Rattan Black Garden Outdoor Patio Massa

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